Hunting is also available in Kazakhstan, not only that, it is very diversified and interesting. As a hunting destination Kazakhstan has a diversity and richness in wildlife, which make it one of the most popular frontiers. Our country is home to four ecosystems, with different groups of animals. Western part of the country has Desert Mountains along the Caspian sea. There you can find a vast population of Trans Caspian urial sheep and Persian Goitered gazelle. Central and Eastern parts are mainly consist of steppes, deserts and canyon with large population of herds and Saiga antelope (currently hunting for this species is suspended). Northern part of the country is bordering with Russia, and therefore is a place where you can find big forests with Siberian roe deer and medium-sized moose. The Eastern side borders with China and Mongolia and Southern borders with Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan has several rugged mountain ranges there, which hold the most important game species – Asian elk, Mid-Asian Ibex, Siberian Ibex, and 5 different species of argali sheep.


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