Did you know that horses were domesticated on the territory of modern Kazakhstan by nomadic tribes? Did you know that Kazakhs are one of the nations who inherited the blood of legendary and menacing Genghis Khan? Or did you know that great silk way was going through the territory of Kazakhstan? Speaking of nomadic tribes, USSR and Russian Empire, have you ever wanted to find out more information or cool facts about those three aspects, that don’t stick together from the first sight? As well as explore some more and widen your understanding of the country that includes more than 125 nationalities in its boarders? If the answer to those questions is yes, then we can assure you, that our city will provide you with a large scale of information regarding those topics, as well as make this fun for the whole family. Only in Almaty, you will easily find more than 1o interesting museums, that you will not be able to find anywhere, not only in the world, but even in the other cities of Kazakhstan itself. The knowledge that we provide in our city is unique, that’s why citizens of Almaty differ from people from all around the world. We tend to respect our background and enlarge the amount of knowledge and our history for our heritors and the whole world.



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